Saturday, October 15, 2005


TTC has posted an object lesson on media bias. As you may have learned from OrthoMom, the Five Town Jewish Times reported that Hillary Clinton made a stupid comment in front of a group of Lawrence luminaries. What the FTJT neglected to mention, is that Hillary also spoke about Zachary Baumel, the Israeli MIA.

About this, OrthoMom says: "Her comment... was still... dumb... but only a partisan rag like the 5TJT would virtually (DB: ?) ignore her promise to help on the Zachary Baumel issue in order to take a dig at Hillary."

Adds the Crier: "Just goes to show you how unappreciative and partisan some Jews are that Democrats Like Hillary Clinton, Carolyn McCarthy, Jeff Toback and Tom Suozzi actually care to do something good for them and they can't even acknowlege it."