Sunday, October 30, 2005

Brit Hume to a Black Man: Someone Needs To Hose You Down”

Think Progress has Fox correspondent Brit Hume invoking the ghost of Bull Connor on Fox News Sunday:
JUAN WILLIAMS: You can try to minimize it, but the fact that you have Scooter Libby, so involved in justifying going to war, and in the posture of trying to smear a critic of that justification. I think is pretty revealing and pretty damaging to the Bush White House. I think they’re going to have to rebuild a sense of trust with the American People. And that’s why when Brit asked this question, why did he have to lie, he felt the need to lie if he did lie, but by all indications he’s going to say I didn’t remember it quite the way this person remembered and all the like. That’s not very strong in my book, and I think Fitzgerald did a terrific job on Friday. But the reason he felt the need was to make it clear that he was not involved in what really was a conspiracy to defame Joe Wilson.

BRIT HUME: Juan, somebody needs to hose you down.
To put this in perspective, imagine if Brit had said to Avi Weiss, "What a gasbag you are!" or if he had told the late Simon Weisenthal "Simon, somebody needs to strip you naked and steal your gold fillings."

It really is almost the same thing.