Sunday, October 30, 2005

Learning Berayshis with the DovBearlings

Friday night's table conversation, of course, was about Parshas Berayshis, and because the apple never falls far from the tree my 8-year-old asked some excellent questions. Here they are, along with my lame attempts to answer:

1 - How did God make himself?
Nobody made God.

2 - So where did He come from?
We don't know.

3 - Why not?
Because our knowledge is incomplete. However, we believe that God always existed.

4 - That's weird.
I know.

5 - How did God make light before he made the sun?
I don't know

6 - Sigh
I'm sorry.

7 - What happened on the second day?
The water got separated, and dry land was either uncovered or created.

8 - Does that mean there is water in the sky?
It sure sounds that way from the verses.

9 - That's weird.
I know.

10 - How did plants grow before there was sun?
I don't know.

11 - Maybe God planted the trees on the third day but they didn't pop up until the sun came out on the fourth day.

12 - Did the snake used to talk?

13 - Who did Adom and Chava's kids marry?
Well the Tiferes Yisroel says there were lots of other people alive at that time, left over from previous types of creation.

14 - Weird
I know