Friday, October 07, 2005

DovBear's Stupid List


I should have known better than to quickly cobble together a list of some of my favorite blogs. I should have known that I'd inadvertently leave out some of the worthies. And of course I did.

Chief among the slighted were Shana, DM, and Jack, of the shack. Also omitted was the civil war enthusiast Ben Chorin, Barefoot, kaspit, kesher, Baraita, Elf, Eliyahu, Dilbert, the Hedyot, Z of JewView Aidel, IsraellyCool, Wolf 1 and Wolf 2 , GoldaLeah, Biur, the Mysticals Path and Politics, and Soccer Dad, who absolved himself of right-wing sins by inventing Havel Havalim.

Naftuli, Chana, Chaim, Ezzie, AbbaGav, and CWY deserve a mention, too, if only for their support of DovBear (their own blogs are still too young to stand on their own.) And let's spare a word for still wonderin', AirTime, and just passing through, a trio of bloggers who we wish would post more often.

And finally -acharon, acharon chaviv- there's Cara, of her eponymous world.

Have I left out others? No doubt. Only the pope is infalliable. But unlike the pope, DovBear will cheerfully correct his oversights if you'll kindly bring them to his attention.

ARGH! I left out Steg. I left out Allan. I left out Mar Gavriel. (who else?)

Resolved: DovBear will never again attempt to list all the blogs he likes. There are too damn many of you.