Friday, October 28, 2005

Great moments in Jewish history

Sukkot c 80 BCE: The Hasmonean King, Alexander Yannai, is pelted with esrogim on the Temple Mount by a mob of proto-Palestenians who had observed him performing a Temple service improperly.

Simchat Torah 2005: Several hundred members of rival Satmar sects riot in a Williamsburg shul. A riot? Cool. That must be another kooky Hasidic custom, like leaving the sukka on Shmini Atzeres, or staying in the sukka even if it's raining.

Hasidim have all the fun don't they. All litvaks do on Simchat Torah is pour water on the bal musaf's head. And, of course, I am sure no-one in Satmar Central is exactly wringing his hands over the bad press their odd rioting ritual aquired. Sure the police intervened, and the story got splashed across the papers, but it isn't like anyone got caught supporting Israel. Am I right?

Hat tip: Miriam