Sunday, October 09, 2005


Earthquake death toll rises to 30,000

If experience is any indicator, the Bushies will comment sometime late Tuesday afternoon, offer a couple of hundred in aid on Wednesday, and then wonder why the world hates us on Thursday. By Friday they'll be calling for tax cuts and legislation with huge giveaways to corporations, all as part of an "aid" and "security" package for the region.

Meanwhile, Lazer Brody will surprise us all and tell us that the quake is proof God hates Muslims, Ovadya Yosef will wonder why the brown and swarthy people of Pakistan spend so little time learning Torah, and Sultan Knish will cobble together 17 random bible verses to prove that the quake is saying God wants us to go ahead and oppress the widow, the orphan and the stranger so long as a random gay person also gets screwed on the deal.