Thursday, October 06, 2005

Jason Maoz's Stupid List

Over at the Jewish Press Jason Maoz has helpfully provided a list of blogs that nobody reads.

Though he calls his list a "Web Honor Roll" how can that be true if it doesn't list Godol Hador, Hirhurim, ChayyeiSarah, Krusty, Pinky, Treppenwitz, Mirty, RenReb, Bloghd, TTC, OM, Lioness, Velveteen, PsychoToddler, Krum, Shifra, LForD, Yudel, Yuter, YitzhakEyezik , Mississippi Fred MacDowell, the Bronsteins, Ari, or Amshinover?

And look at some of the blogs he does read. SultanKnish? All that tells us is that he and the Sultan are buddies becuase per The Truth Laid Bear hardly anyone else has ever heard of the KnishKing. Also, who in their right mind (is Maoz in his right mind?) would choose to honor a blog which insists that God send eclipses whenver he wants to let us know that he really really really hates gay people? (Don't miss RebelJew's awsome takedown of the Sultan in the comments.) If you're going to honor Sultan, why not go all out and include Heshy of the haunted House? Why not list Charedi World, too? Either of those blogs have as much to offer as Sultan. (Incidently, RebelJew does a very good job of demolishing Heshy, too)

When you break it down, Moaz's "honor roll" is just a bunch of conservatives news blogs (InstaPundit, Captain Quarters) and those Jewish blogs which most often offend thinking people (Cross Currents, for example, and Sultan Knish again) plus a couple of good blogs like Canonist and James Walcott thrown in, apparently to mislead us.

Miriam puts it best: "Why would anyone want to be considered a favorite by that rag?" To which I can only add: And why would anyone want to be listed among the noxious blogs that are included?