Friday, October 28, 2005

Anniversaries (2)

Monday, Hoshana Raba, was the first anniversary of DovBear:The Blog (not be confused with DovBear:The Motion Picture, an excellent flick in it's own right, or DovBear: The Musical, an unfortunate and misguided attempt to expand the brand. )

According to our crack statisticians me and the monkeys on typewriters who keep this blog going have produced several thousand posts, registered close to 150,000 "unique hits" and insulted the Hasidim a disturbing number of times.

I can also lay claim to coining the following phrases:

- GOP Jews
- Cross Currents (Jewish)

If, along the way, I have caused you to think poorly of George W. Bush, or Christian fundamentalists... well, I am happy to have been of service.

Thanks for reading. And, I mean that.