Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yeshiva World News Dishonesty Watch

Today Yeshiva World News posted an article from USA Today, only our always sleazy, always dishonest YWN Editor changed the headline and opening sentence without telling anyone. In the original USA Today article, David Jackson dismisses the idea that Obama grew up in Kenya. In the YWN rewrite, Jackson's antagonism toward the birther claim has been neatly removed.

See the atrocities documented after the jump.

See the original USA Today article here. If anyone can reach David Jackson, I'd appreciate hearing his reaction to YWN's bowdlerization of his work.

Does anyone know if its legal for YWN to steal these articles, even when that haven't been twisted into something else? Is is a copyright violation? Is it against halacha? Lawyers and Rabbis what do you say?

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