Wednesday, March 30, 2011

By the standards of the Gedolim Matzav is just like VIN

A sharp point by Muppet

This is the English translation Hirhurim ran of the Vos Iz Neais ban's section explaining what the Gedolim thought was wrong with VIN:
"Yet the Satan has found a way, that a site exists on the Internet known as “Vos Is Naiz”, as if it were founded only to spread news of the Jewish world; yet it contains a hidden ambush — as with the news, it includes stories and events of the corrupt, abdominable, and lowly; full of contamination, filth, foul language; slander, gossip, and degrading of Torah scholars; it also prints libels and slander regarding Torah individuals and organizations. Similarly the comments written there are filled with adultery and slander, and increase fights in Israel, putting everyone’s dirty laundry in public. It also writes against officers and politicians under whose favor we live, to ruin their repuation; the disgrace of G-d’s name is immense and mighty."
The lead article on Matzav right now has a headline claiming that Rabbi Joshua Maroof ordained Sarah Hurwitz, even though the article contains a specific denial from him that he did that. It strains credulity to believe Matzav did not print this to tie the RCA to Sarah Hurwitz, as well.

In what way is this not exactly what VIN was banned for?

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