Friday, March 04, 2011

Two cheers and one middle finger for the Pope

So the Pope, in his excellent wisdom, has announced that Jesus was not killed by Jews, and some of my co-religionists are performing cartwheels of joy. This, I'm afraid, is a little bit like the how parents pop open the champaign when a toddler is toilet trained. Yes, toilet training is a milestone in the life of the toddler, but using a toilet is a feet that is easily mastered and commonly performed. We cheer when a child we love achieves it because we wish to demonstrate love and support for the child. The mere act of going to the bathroom properly is not what is being celebrated, nor is it something that deserves celebration.

Sensible people began to understand that Jews were innocent of the crime of decide several centuries ago. Nowadays, its perfectly common for people of even ordinary intelligence to acknowledge this truth. So I'm supposed to throw a party because some senile octogenarian king of a declining and nearly obsolete religion has finally caught up? No thank you. Too little, too many centuries too late.

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