Monday, March 14, 2011

Elijah and Mary

There's a Twitter fellow who thinks that all the Elijah stories he's heard constitute a good reason for believing in God/Judaism.

To be clear, he doesn't think these stories are proofs, and he may be willing to concede that some of the stories he's heard aren't true.

However, he does feel rather certain that all of these stories he's heard must add up to something.

Well fine, but then what do all the Marian apparitions add up to? Mary has appeared to thousands of people, and at least 15 of her appearances (including one in Zeituon where she was seen over the course of several months by more than 10,000 people) have been certified as true by the Roman Catholic, Anglican or Coptic Church. If the Elijah stories make some kind of point, don't the Mary stories make a similar point?

See the exchange with his claim and my rebuttal after the jump.
DK: Do you think all the Eliyahu Hanavi stories from the past six decades were shams, purposeful lies?

DB: I don't know any Eliyahu Hanavi stories from the past six decades

DK: I have heard several, first hand. And numerous others, third hand.

BM:  Really??? Tell them they can get a million dollars!

DB: Why are those accounts more valid then the accounts of Marian visitations?

DK: I don't think meeting an old man in a forest who told them where to run qualifies for the $

DB: Um.... hold on... crazy idea coming... maybe it was, are you ready? An old man?

DK: Maybe. But too many to just dismiss that way, especially when no one should be where he was.

DB: there have been many many more apparition sightings - ghosts, for example. Too many to dismiss? pls answer

BM:  How about Elvis sightings? Also shouldn't be dismissed?

DB: There have been many, many more Marian apparitions. Too many to dismiss? Pls answer

DK: Those [ghost sightings] are past of it

DB: The ghost sightings are part of what?

DK: The equation. If there is nothing beyond our physical world, you have to explain away every single one of them

DB: No I don't have to explain away any of them. You have to prove a single one is real, which hasn't been done yet.

DB: If you want me 2 accept ghosts, you have 2 prove them real. I don't have 2 prove false.

DK: I never told you you have to accept ghost.

DB: Good cuz I don't. Also, I don't accept your Eliyahu story (we only heard 1 yet you claim there are 100s)


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