Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rabbi Michael Broyde Defender of Sheitels

A Guest Post By E. Fink

A few months back, the charedi web-news sites were aghast regarding a paper (long ago) published by Rabbi Michael Broyde. (See: Matzav.com) The paper tried to find a "limud zechus" for frum women who do not wear a head covering. Rabbi Shlomo Miller wrote a diatribe against Rabbi Broyde and his paper.

DovBear took issue with it here: DovBear

Rabbi Broyde has written a beautiful letter to the Forward defending the wearing of sheitels. 

...the sheitel became the perfect compromise because it promotes conformity with both Jewish law and Western culture.
One could ask why anyone should live their life around the Talmud — a document written 1,500 years ago by great rabbis seeking to reflect the will of the Divine, as they understood it. But that is exactly the mission of Orthodoxy, and it has been for centuries. And it seems to be working as well (or even better) than many contemporary versions of Judaism.
I agree with BOTH of Rabbi Broyde's attempts. On the one hand to find a limud zechus for non-sheitel wearers and to vehemently defend the position of orthodox Judaism. Yeyasher kochacha Rabbi Broyde.

I wonder what Matzav and Rabbi Miller are saying now? (nothing)

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