Monday, March 14, 2011

Its a trap!

Akhbar Opposed Imperial Outposts on Endor
Here and there, some angry arm chair crusaders are calling lustfully for revenge acts against Palestinian civilians. I'll let our Calimari Correspondent Admiral Akhbar explain why that's a terrible idea:  Its a trap.

See, here's how it works:

The purpose of such actions, whether in Israel-Palestine, in Northern Ireland or in Algiers, is to get the state or stronger party to violently crack down on dissent, thereby radicalising the attackers’ home constituency; this radicalisation is then used to recruit activists for further attacks, which will draw more retaliation, more radicalisation and more recruits; and so on, until the pendulum of violent conflict is swinging again with ever-escalating force. (Dimi Reider)
It might feel nice to go marauding through a Palestinian village like a video game character on steroids, but all that does is invite additional Itamars. (Plus its immoral, osur, and the sort of thing European thugs did to us for hundreds of years, but even those too frum to care about such considerations can recognize a practical concern.)

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