Friday, March 11, 2011

Today's kiddush hashem

-- One in four Jewish women [in the UK] suffer abuse in the home

The survey that produced this embarrassing finding included Jews from across the religious spectrum, so its not an indictment of any one sect. The article also tells us the data shows Rabbis are generally silent on the subject, and offer victims little to no support. Perhaps they hold like the Rambam who wrote in the 12th century "Any woman who refuses to do one of the jobs she is obligated to do is forced to do it even by the rod." Or perhaps they are simply cowards who, like their American counterparts, wish to maintain the facade that the all is perfect in Torah True Land.

In related news Pinny at the Matzav wants a public conversation about Orthodox Jews who break the law. Sounding very much like... well... me, in this post, he writes:

Prominent shady characters are given carte blanche to enact their agendas and the dishonest are permitted to continue their detrimental behavior and actions. We beat gingerly around the bush, dancing around the edges, afraid to proclaim the truth.

What are we afraid of? Why are we silent? How can we live with ourselves as we see yet another rabbi or religious Jew creating yet another chillul Hashem? It would be bad enough if we waited until the scandal hit the papers and only then took corrective steps, but we haven’t mustered the courage to do even that.
About time.

My only quibble is that Pinny has been at the forefront of those who were "not afraid to proclaim the truth" about the shortcomings and failings of other Jewish sects. "The frum way of life is nearly perfect (for proof look at those guys!)" has been the mantra of people like him for too long. Though I'm very glad he sees the error of his ways, and is now making amends, this is a bed largely of his own making.

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