Tuesday, March 01, 2011

How do they dress at the skankiest Paris clubs?

How do the hippies dress while publicly fornicating at the skankiest Paris clubs? Like this, apparently:

One of the current Viznitz Rebbes.
Note the metal frames on his ultra-liberal, frighteningly-modern eyeglasses
From the news article announcing the Viznitz ban on metal eye-wear:

"This is the reason why the rabbi called on the students not to wear them. We are well aware of the statement made by the former Vizhnitz rebbe, who said we must wear the exact opposite of what is worn in Paris."

A Vizhnitz source explained that the essence of the Hasidim was to stay away from the nonsense and modernism of the world. "We are interested in keeping our distance from anything linked to party goers, recreational activities and clubs, and be on the other end in a way in which we won't even know that world exists," the source explained. "This is why our segregation is even applied to the type of eyeglasses."
HT Avrumi

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