Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Purim Tweets by Stranger

I was trying to find a picture of Demi Moore in her Purim pig costume (Seriously) but came up with these instead.

 Jamie Lipson 

@ a hasidic kid in my grandmas neighborhood just asked me if I'm dressed up for Purim as a goye.


9 pictures from Purim in Rachmastrivka 

 Tal Tetievski 

 - Angry birds selfmade Purim costume! cc: @


Hasidic Jewish residents, left and center, celebrate Purim (Hackney Hive) 


Purim in the streets of Jerusalem two ◄ Video Gallery

the fact that purim started last night now explains why we saw an odd number of hasidic jews drunk on the street and in the hospital


Photo: Karin celebrating Purim freedyle (Taken with Instagram at Har Ha’Zofim Campus) 

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