Thursday, March 03, 2011

Do over

I don't know what I thought yesterday's rant and its preposterous title would accomplish. A call to arms? Such a waste of time. Frustrated sputtering is all that it was. Bottom line is this: The Hasidic hoods and the leaders who tolerate and encourage them aren't going to disappear until the rank and file members of their own Hasidic communities stand up and object.

Bloggers and people like Yanky Horowitz can't make that happen. The fact that Avi Shafran won't write a column about the Hasidic hoods or their enablers among the Hasidic leadership is annoying, but ultimately it doesn't matter. An article from Avi about Hasidic corruption won't change anything, for the same reason his endless complaints about Reform Judaism don't change anything. To put it simply, neither group thinks Avi Shafran is relevant.

And the same applies to me and any other blogger. Our posts raise awareness, and make people upset, but ultimately they don't reach the right people. The uncorrupted Admars don't read DovBear, nor do their followers. Demonstrating to non-Hasidic Jews that many Hasidic communities are run by thugs and two-bit despots who are laws unto themselves might make for good blogging, but it can't solve the problem. The Hasidim have to put their own house in order. The bloggers can't do it for them.

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