Thursday, March 03, 2011

End of an era?

I waste a lot of time on Twitter picking fights and responding to provocations from know-it-all Haredi 20-somethings. The typical exchange is exactly the sort of thing you've seen before in my posts and on the comment threads. It usually starts when some twerp pontificates ignorantly about Torah, halacha, or society, or represents something he cribbed from a musser sefer as if it was a rule of life, written in the sky. After we go back and forth for a while the festivities usually end with cries of "kofer!" and the figurative slamming of doors. Most of the time, these exchanges are great fun, and quite invigorating. But like most things that are great fun, it never gets me anywhere.

This morning one of the 20-something twerps posted criticism of Shomer Negiah, the forty-year old virgin who is contemplating a premarital fling, in part because she, and her view of/relationship with God has changed. In short, she's pissed that she's still single, and that life seems to have passed her by. Now she's contemplating doing something out of character and possibly osur before its really too late. In the view of the twerp, Shomer Negiah is suffering from a bad attitude. If she davened more, she'd feel better. Had she internalized the right messages as a student, she'd have the self-resolve to persevere.

Instead of replying to these dismissive and close-minded inanities in my usual way, I resolved to stop following 20-something Charedi know-it-alls. Instead, I plan to replace them all with 30-something liberal Jewish know-it-alls. Lets see if I follow through -- and if the change actually improves my Twitter experience.

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