Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Scam of the day

Yet another email solicitation that would undoubtedly get the sender in trouble for fraud had he left God out of it:

Why is it scam? Show me evidence it works. We know medicine works because its tested, under rigorous circumstances. How was this tested? Also, what's so special about the 7th day of Passover? Please list all of  the verified and documented instances of "hidden blessings" being "revealed" on that day. I'll wait.

If you're still not convinced, well, I have some excellent news for you. If you send me only 18 dollars, I will guarantee that every great rabbi in Beni Brak and Jerusalem prays for you for the rest of his life. (Aside from on Shabbos and holidays). And not one prayer per day either. No siree. For your 18 dollar donation I will guarantee that all of these rabbis will say 18 blessings for you  in which they beg and beseech God to shower you with wisdom, repentance, forgiveness, deliverance, healing, peace and much, much more.

And wait there's not all!

These 18 powerful blessings will be said on your behalf THREE TIMES PER DAY. Morning, noon, and night, every godol in Israel will stand on his two feet, and call on God  to bless you and your children with all the great spiritual; gifts of Israel. For just 18 dollars, I personally guarantee it.

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