Friday, March 25, 2011

5 year old learns non-Jews are our servants

My 5 year old learned in school that when mashiach comes the goyim will have to listen to the yidden. So he can "tell a goyishe kid" to do things for him... What do I do now?

I think you should tell the kid that this may or may not be true - we won't know until mashiach actually gets here, but you hunch is its not true - but for now non-Jews are people just like us, who are entitled to respect and decency. They are every bit as valuable as we are, and every bit as fully human. Also, tell the kid that he can't call them "goyim" in your house. Though I know the word isn't a slur, it encourages kids (and adults) to believe that there is something fundamentally different about non-Jews, which leads to intolerance.


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