Thursday, January 25, 2007

War with Iran

Conservative Apikorus writes:

DB, I'm shocked and disilusioned that you've bought into Benny Morris' rantings. The least you could have done was link to the rebuttal I e-mailed you:

CA, you're right: I should have posted the rebuttal, and I apologize for the oversight. Still, I don't agree with you that Morris was ranting. Iran is led by mad men who hate Jews, and if we've learned one thing from our long, unfortunate association with mad men who hate Jews it is this: They keep their promises. Ahmadinejad says he wants to attack Israel. He says he wants to kill Jews. There's no reason to doubt his sincerity.

Unfortunately, Bush's foolish and wasteful excursion into Iraq puts us at a disadvantage. There's no money for a war on Iraq, and no political support. And worst of all, the president's performance in Iraq suggests an Iranian adventure would leave the middle east even less stable and more dangerous.

Incidently, CA wrote this too, and I think he's correct:
If the most powerful military in the world is capable of getting mired down trying to subdue a weakened foe like Iraq, what the helldo think is going to happen when they attack Iran, which is in much better shape, economically, politically, and militarilly? And what make you think the Israelis can do any better? Hell, they can't even subdue the Pallies. This is nothing more than Quagmire 2.0, and any smart Jew would dovery well to run away from it as fast as possible. Becuase I don'twant to start hearing that good God-fearing redneck Christian boysare dying in Iran to help the Jews.If you're so hot about doing this, I suggest you haul ass on down to your local US Army recruiter and enlist, and be sure to volunteer toserve in the Infantry. The last thing we need is Jewish chickenhawks cheerleading us into another military disaster.
True, true, but the problem of Iran and their expressed agression toward Israel remains. If I thought the US could do it right, and excute the war and its aftermath correctly, I'd be one of those cheerleading chickenhawks myself...


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