Friday, January 19, 2007

Rabbi S. on El Al.

Click here: It's a video of Aish's Yaakov Salamon sharing his thoughts about the El-Al boycott.

Two brief notes:

First, there's something souless about how he comes across the screen. He appears to be trying for Andy Roony, but instead the effect is more Ben Stein, as Ferris Beuler's economic's teacher. El Al? El Al? Is there really an audience for a talking head so devoid of charisma and emotion? A joke, a smile, or even a twinkle in the eye would be welcome.

Second, regards his complaint about the secular media neglecting to report on the boycott. Rabbi Salamon stops short of playing the bias card, but it's clear he's puzzled, and maybe even a bit put out. Orthodox Jews band together to bring an airline to it knees, and it's not on the news? The Rabbi is surprised. Instead, he should be thankful. This sorry story doesn't lend any glory to the Jewish peoiple. It only makes our Rabbis seem like hoodlums.

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