Friday, January 26, 2007

All whine, all the time

The RJC website seems to have changed its format. Now its all whine, all the time.

A little desperate for an apology, are we?. The top three items (above) read as follows:

(1) RJC Ad Calls on Wesley Clark to Apologize

(2) RJC Renews Call for Wesley Clark to apologize for remarks

(3) RJC: Clark Should Apologize for “Blatantly Anti-Semitic Remarks”


Whatever you may think of the general's remarks (and I've already demonstrated that they were innocent) I think we can all agree that a few years back prominent public scold William Donahue celebrated the holiday season by expressing a sentiment that was much, much worse.

Did the RJC protest? Did they purchase ad space? Did they threaten to hold their breath and turn blue if they weren't granted an apology?

Of course not.

Update: Great minds think alike

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