Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why the traditionalists won't play ball

Do you want to know what RYA and Shafrin and the Crosses are defending? Do you want to hear their point of view presented succinctly, accurately and in the neighborhood idiom?

Do you want to understand the basis of their attacks on OO, heterodoxy, Modern Orthodoxy, Hechsher Tzedek, Mafdal, Chardal and every other style or sect?

Do you want to know why the Fink Summit, and its laudable but naive attempt to bring traditionalists together with everyone else, can't possibly work?

Its all right here in a comment left by someone called Magen Avraham. I've annotated the comment for clarity:
 "She writes as if our Talmud doesn't exist and is smarter than hashem himself!(1) She just in a whim knocks off the tanaaim amoraim the reshonim and thousands of years of tradition because she thinks let me repeat she thinks that maybe he rabinnical interpretations which BTW is hashems interpretation through a human vehicle (2) is incorrect but so far I haven't heard from her the more correct interpretation . its all a farce ppl that talk this way have personal agendas (3) simple as that."

(1) If you criticize their cherished interpretation its as if you're criticizing Hashem himself. They make no distinction between the will of God, and the particular interpretations they like best.

(2) See?

(3) And of course anyone who tries to make such a distinction, anyone who recognizes that the interpretations are by definition the flawed, limited product of human perception and tries to build a life or a Judaism based on that recognition has "an agenda" or is otherwise tainted, damaged, stained, and down with a mental illness as - please! - how could a normal, honest, fully-functioning human possibly think that way?

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