Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer suiting for the Orthodox Jew

How do you stay comfortable while wearing a suit in hot summer weather?

Easy. You wear a suit made from linen or seersucker. Only I can't remember ever seeing a guy walk into shul wearing either of these lightweight fabrics. Have you?

My own "summer" suits are wool. Not heavy winter wool, but something light and unlined. It doesn't feel flimsy like linen and it doesn't hold wrinkles or moisture the way linen does.

Also, if we're going to be honest, I don't have the courage to wear linen into shul, let alone seersucker.

How about you?

Salute warmer weather with this classic seersucker suit! Perfect for a casual summer wedding or dinner at the boardwalk. Features notch lapel and flap pockets. Two-button. Side Vent. Polyester/Cotton.Reply w/ #AmazonCart...

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