Thursday, May 15, 2014

J Crew bans NON ANONYMOUS comments.

Breaking: Yaakov Menklen doesn't work for J Crew.

We sort of knew this already, but now its perfectly obvious. The dead giveaway came with the announcement of the retailer's new commenting policy which expressly instructs us to comment without including our full names "or anything else that might identify you."

To be clear: J Crew has banned NON ANONYMOUS comments and ICYMI Yaakov is the universe's leading opponent of commenting anonymously. (He once yelled at someone called "Jonathan" for "commenting from behind a moniker.")

Does J Crew, a huge and wildly successful national retailer with an army of paid agencies and advisers know something that small-beans blogger Yaakov doesn't about how to generate provocative, entertaining, online discussions?

We're about to find out.
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