Tuesday, May 06, 2014

"Condescending and imbecile"

On the comment thread of his latest post, our friend Yaakov Menken lashes out at someone called "Jonathan" as follows:
"This is why I don't like comments from behind a moniker: in this case, it enabled you to make a remark both condescending and imbecile."
Lets document the atrocities:

(1) Jonathan is a moniker?? Couldn't that be the fellow's real name? Does Menken want the man's social security number, too?

(2) Yaak is using his real name, not a moniker, but isn't his own answer to "Jonathan" more than a wee bit condescending? ("...you have demonstrated an inadequate grasp of the English language,")

(3) And it doesn't stop there. On the same comment thread, he manages to be both condescending and imbecile toward Harry Maryles ("Anyone who finds silent recitation of Tehillim at that time to be offensive needs his head examined, since he has buried the Emes beneath his own haughty attitude. --YM)

Wasn't using your real name supposed to make such outbursts impossible?

And PS: There was nothing condescending or imbecile about Jonathan's original remark.
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