Friday, May 16, 2014

Down with pedants

In what follows Steven Fry provides a stunning, and deeply appreciated response to grammar pedants.

With very little modification, I think his message might be successfully applied to RELIGIOUS PEDANTS as well. You know the kind. They are the ones who are forever making religious arguments against the style of your socks or the jaunt of your hat, or insisting that the congregation won't survive if tachnun is said on the wrong day, or threatening to resign their memberships if a chazan chooses the wrong tune for kidusha. They've already flooded your email box with reminders not to dare shave or take a haircut today before chatzos.

These people suck the joy out of religion and masquerade as pious when all they want is control over your life. They should be put on a boat together with the people Fry condemns in this video, cast off to sea, and left to starve.

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