Friday, May 30, 2014

Safrin spins R' Perlow's attack on us all

“Orthodoxy means not thinking--not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” 
― George Orwell

I'm trying to write a post mocking Avi Safrin's reality-bending defense of R' Yaakov Perlow's from-the-podium attack on 90 percent of the Jewish population, but nothing I come up with can top Avi's own words.
Here they are:
Rabbi Perlow did not disparage fellow Jews, but rather theologies that claim to be faithful to the Jewish religious tradition but are not,” he wrote in an email. “What he addressed were ideas and beliefs, not innocent Jews who may have been misled by the Zeitgeist and its blandishments.
“Anyone who knows Rabbi Perlow knows well that he has only love and concern for all Jews, no matter what misguided paths they may have been led, sadly, to take,” he added.
To remind you, this is R' Perlow addressing "ideas and beliefs" in a manner that demonstrates his "love and concern" for all Jews.
  • "They have ave disintegrated themselves, become oblivious, fallen into an abyss of intermarriage and assimilation"
  • “They have no future, they almost have no present.”
  • "They will be relegated to the dustbins of Jewish history"
  • "There’s a grave danger out there…outside New York City, that positions of leadership amongst Orthodox Jews is being taken over by people who have completely deviated from [the preservation of holiness.]”
  • “stand up and reject these new deviationists, cloaking themselves in the mantle of Orthodoxy.”

By the way, please be assured that when me and the other Korach bloggers mock Avi and the other Crosses for their bad arguments or their habitually pompous dispositions, we are only criticizing their "ideas and beliefs"; our remarks are rooted in nothing but "love and concern" for them all.
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