Thursday, May 22, 2014

Manipulative Lies from Lakewood

Saw this on Fink and Swim and nearly had a heart attack and died. Because yes, it still surprises me that people are shameless enough to do this, and that morons are stupid enough to believe it, and that our so-called leaders are too timid to stop it.

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Its a RoboCall alleged to have been heard in Lakewood, Ir HaTorah,  in which a cheerful sounding woman lies through her teeth.  She wants Lakewood women to cut their wigs, see, and since there are no good arguments for doing this she resorts to making crap up.

After the [conference on wig cutting] for several days there were no Hatzolah calls which is a historic record. [Cut your wing and] Hatzolah will have fewer calls and there will be fewer tragedies in Lakewood.

This is manipulative horse crap. Fink made a few calls and he has confirmed that there were in fact Hatzolah calls in Lakewood during the period under discussion. But its crucial to remember that even if the claim were true, correlation does not imply causation  During the period in question, I rubbed my tummy a few more times than usual. Perhaps that, not the tznius conference, had the alleged magical effect on Lakewood?

Next Steps

The liar on the phone invites curious parties to call 732 367 0370. Let's do it, and tell whoever answers how outraged we are at these manipulative lies.

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