Friday, May 02, 2014

Pruz on Sterling

Did you read the new Pruzansky? It's not entirely awful, in that his main point about Sterling is exactly the same thing that I said earlier in the week. Both Pruz and I agree that Sterling's social crime deserves a social punishment.

Unfortunately, Pruz can't stop there. He needs to top things off with a repugnant tirade about how racism no longer exists but, damn it, we have to keep hearing about it thanks to huckesters who get rich from it like Barry Obama and his BFF Al Sharpton.

There will be more to say as I continue to digest his piece, but let's begin by reminding everyone that only lunatics like Pruz who get their info from Fox News think the Reverend Al is a credible figure. The liberal establishment has entirely disowned him. When Al he last ran for president he LOST the BLACK VOTE in the NY primary by 30 percent. Overall he took less than 1 percent of the total votes, scoring less than 30 votes [thirty: not a misprint] in Maine and North Dakota, and 0 [ZERO: not a misprint] in Hawaii and Idaho.

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