Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Noah's Zohar

Very late to this, but I think its always newsworthy when a religion writer, with a Hebrew name, gets basic bible wrong.

Here's Miriam Krule writing for Slate on March 28:

Zohar is not mentioned in the story of Noah.
And here's the bible, Genesis 6:16
צֹהַר תַּעֲשֶׂה לַתֵּבָה
Here full passage reads as follows:

The evil men have mined the land for “zohar.” This element looks like gold and has essentially magical powers—it’s used to make light and, later, for a sort of antediluvian pregnancy test. Zohar is not mentioned in the story of Noah, but the Hebrew word does appear later in the Old Testament in Ezekiel and Daniel and is commonly translated to refer to a light of some sort. 
Only, the Hebrew word also appears in the story itself, Genesis 6:16, where it is understood by the midrash as something used to make light. It seems patently obvious the filmmaker has in mind what Rashi calls "אבן טובה המאירה להם". For her to miss this - and worse to declare it an invention on the part of the producers - is inexcusable for a religion writer.

Better fact checkers, please!


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