Friday, February 11, 2011

And today’s award for most hyperbolic, hysterical, and just plain insulting remark goes to Aryeh Ginsburg

Did you see Aryeh Ginsburgs article (on a blog) about how bloggers - yes even you Gil Student of Hirhurim! - are "digital rotzchim" [Murderers]

He bases this ruling on the fact that a friend sent him a sad email of complaint about some mean comments he read on (I am guessing) VIN.

No word yet from Aryeh about child abusers, fraudsters, fake miracle workers, rampant materialism, corrupt shadchanus, adulterers and crooks who continue to receive community honors, pashkevils, Rebbe organized riots in Israel, bans and attacks on ideas, the support of the Gedolim for the Spinka Rebbe, or any of the rest.

Shall I hold my breath?

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