Friday, February 11, 2011

Today's insult from Jew-hating antisemites at the New York Times...

... is a sweet, detailed article about the annual YU Seforim Sale, that compliments the University, puts its students in a positive light, and leaves the reader with warm fuzzy feelings for Jews, Judaism, and for our fascination with books.

I'm sure its a liberal trick.

What is the YU Seforim Sale? Glad you asked! Read the extra nice things I have said about it in the past here.

Blogging the Book Sale 2005: I II III
Blogging the Book Sale 2006

If you're going to the sale, go Sunday: It's Alumni Day, and Rabbi Lamm will be there signing copies of his book Festivals of Faith: Reflections on the Jewish Holidays (I'm reasonably certain you have to buy a copy.)

If you're feeling puckish, use the opportunity to ask Rabbi Lamm how he felt when Elya Svei insulted him from the podium at the Agudah Convention, see: (1) I've always wanted to know and (2) it relates to a Twitter situation with which I've recently wasted too much time.  

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