Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The last taboo? Or the ultimate team-up?

Click to see the OU-D

Such an odd marketing decision. Nothing screams treif like Burger King, and nothing screams kosher like the OU. Yet there they are, working together to make you fat, and take your money, side-by-side on one package. Jacob and Esau. Batman and the Joker. Tom and Jerry. United at last.

What's the underlying strategy?
(1) The mega-corp that produces these flavored puffs of chemical corn starch slaps an OU on everything without thinking too much about it (most likely)
(2) The brand steward thought the OU might make the product more appealing to Jews (possible)
(3) The yetser hara had the dastardly and sinister idea that "kosher burger king" might appeal to naughty Jews, taking them further from Torah and mitzvos and ultimately blurring the lines between good and evil with the ultimate goal of persuading Jews to eat hamburgers and milk shakes on Yom Kippur while sitting in a car at the drive-through (Impossible, but don't doubt some mashgiach is already working on this speech)

Tip of the paper crown: Amshi

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Wisdom is more precious than wealth.

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