Thursday, February 03, 2011

Daniel Lapin hearts anti-Semites

Daniel Lapin, the for-profit preacher best known for his spirited defense of Mel Gibson, has a new anti Semite to support. In his new article, he explains why Glen Beck is a Great Friend of the Jews and Israel (TM), and cruelly denounces 500 rabbis who saw fit to criticize Beck for being a hate-mongering liar.

For those not following the story, what Beck did was simply despicable. Seeking to discredit Soros, a political rival, Beck called him a Nazi collaborator on the basis of fabrications, misquotes and out-of-context facts. Though Lapin's love of truth has been in doubt since his famous attempt to sell Jack Abramoff a degree in Talmud, I would still expect someone who wears a kippa to side with the Jew, and to appreciate the awfulness of Beck's naked, dishonest attempt to slander a foe.

LAPIN: When such people damage the reputation of a good man, it is appropriate to publicly protest.

Yes, exactly. When disgraceful liars damage the reputation of a good man, it is appropriate to publicly protest. This is exactly why the Rabbis publicly objected to Beck's lie about Soros

LAPIN: These rabbis attacked Glenn Beck not because he is an anti-Semite, but because he is a conservative. The attack was political; liberals tarnishing someone whose influence they hope to diminish.

And exactly why do you think Glen Beck attacked Soros? Wasn't that attack political? Lapin, are you really this lacking in self-awareness? Do you honestly expect us to accept that you and Beck operate from motives that are snow white, while everyone who disagrees with you is a lout and a scoundrel pursuing an immoral agenda?

Though this blinkered review of the facts is bad enough, Lapins goes further. Not content to defend Beck, and vilify a fellow Jew, he also seeks to de-legitimize the Rabbis who criticized Beck. They're not Orthodox, see; thus nothing they say can be trusted, their motives are suspect, and their positions are flawed. Lapin really is this cruel. And if you thought cruelty couldn't be topped with shamelessness consider this: Lapin the bogus OJ Rabbi, who mis-characterizes Torah for personal profit concludes his drive-by attack on other rabbis by shilling for his latest CD:

LAPIN: The decline from Adam to the generation of the Flood, which I delve into in my audio CD set, The Gathering Storm, on sale this week, sounds eerily current. I encourage you to listen to it, and make sure you learn how to distinguish between those with whom you wish to stand and those whose entreaties you should ignore.

Or to paraphrase, "All those other Rabbis are con men. If you want the real, unvarnished truth, along with the secret key for identifying unscrupulous rabbis like those liberals, BUY MY NEW CD SET"


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