Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Natalie Gilbert's Web Redemption

About 8 years ago, Natalie Gilbert made Mo Cheeks famous, when she forgot the words to our national anthem giving Cheeks an opportunity to sweep in and look like a gentlemen.

If you haven't seen Gilbert's famous flubbing, and Cheek's gallantry, the video is here:

Now, Tosh of the eponymous YouTube clip show, has given an older, better looking Gilbert the chance to remind everyone of her moment of shame by inviting her to relive the horror at an Anheim Ducks game, in what Tosh calls a Web Redemption.  How this humiliating performance alongside Tosh's idiocy and abuse "redeems" anything, I can't say, but Natalie Gilbert looks and sounds nice enough to go somewhere as a performer.

See it here:

Tosh, on the other hand, is basically a poor, stupid man's Bob Seget, and his show is a vile AFHV knockoff.

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