Monday, February 28, 2011

Another event flyer reveals unflattering truths about the Torah True community.

Discussing the Lakewood Shabbos a few weeks ago, I pointed out that the event's advertising revealed some  unflattering truths about the Torah True community. After the jump, you'll see another flyer, for another event, that does the same. HT @berelshain via @marksofla

What does the flyer teach us?

The torah true community cares too much about food. Gluttony is the one sin no Rabbi preaches against, and judging from my friends and neighbors, the typical Torah true Jew has a weight problem. Events like this are part of the problem, and in my experience, there is no counterpart in the non-Jewish world. Sure, non-Jews expect to be well fed, but I've never seen a flyer for a non-Jewish fundraising event that makes the menu part the headline. The organizors of this event obviously take it for granted that the masses of Brooklyn will come running if you wave some sushi or a meat carving station in front of them. They are right, of course, and there is something wrong with that.

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