Monday, February 21, 2011

Chabad daas torah

I call this Twitter gold. It came to me via @jyuter and shows just how far off the deep end some elements within Chabad have gone (though the date suggests the leap occurred years ago) For the Hebrew impaired, this is a religious document, signed and sealed by various Chabadniks, which proclaims that as a matter of Jewish law the rebbe is both a prophet and the messiah.

Non-messianic chabadniks on Twitter (shout out deleted.) are insisting that the signatories aren't mainstream leaders. I am not sure that's true, and I am not sure that's relevant. Ultimately, Chabad is what the people say Chabad is, and if enough Chabad- nobodies believe that the Rebbe is the messiah, doesn't that eventually become the Chabad position?

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