Monday, February 28, 2011

Blogs on the brain

In a new article, Avi Shafran attempts to discuss "Cultural Orthodox Jews" --- by which he means OJ who run around acting frum while simultaneously committing despicable acts. Here's Avi's catalog of offenses, both large and small

That there are “Cultural” Orthodox Jews helps explain otherwise baffling things, like how an Orthodox Jew can engage in unethical business practices, cheat, steal or abuse. Or, more mundanely, how he can cut others off in traffic, act rudely, or blog maliciously.
This is progress of a sort. In 2006, I think Reb Avi may have put malicious blogging a bit higher on the list. Now its a mundane error, rather than a cardinal sin. Of course, Avi's earlier antagonism toward blogs was back before his own little columns started appearing on a blog that maliciously attacks Jews with something approaching a fair regularity. Perhaps now that Avi is one of us, he's become more forgiving. That's often how it works, no? More malicious blogging after the jump.


You may see it again in the next post, though.


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