Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Comment problems still not solved

UPDATE: Having touble leaving a comment? Pease have a look at this topic:

Ok, the neat thing about JS/Echo is their customer support and tech people are very responsive. They answer questions, and seem to really care about getting things right. And their CEO, Khris Loux, seems like a hands-on -guy. Yesterday he commented on one of my threads, and he answers Tweets.

The bad news, though, is this new commenting system is rediculously complicated and even the best intentioned, hardest working customer-support people seem unable to make things simple enough for me to understand.

For an example see this. It's a great answer, I suppose, and I appreciate that Anna took the time to compose it, only I understood about 20 percent of it. I don't know where to find the various attribute thingies she describes, and I'm not really happy about having to mess around with code. Why can't we get buttons, or a WYSWG system? Why do I have to muck around in HTML?

Also, some issues just seem unsolvable. To date, no one has explained how to make this load more quickly, nor does anyone seem to have a way to make the package slim enough to load on a mobile phone (Not being able to comment on a phone sucks.) I see that there's some way, involving RSS, to find links to individual comments, but really doesn't that sound like too much work? Why can't it be automatic? And the only way to restore the great little feature that told us when a comment had been left by someone else while you were reading others or writing your own is also a pain: You have to activate something called "live echo events" which restores the neat feature, but also makes the last comment appear first. No one seems to like that. (Worse while playing around with the feature this morning three or four comments went missing.)

Is there anyway to bring back Haloscan? It was slim, crisp, and always worked. I've had more difficulties with Echo in three days then I did with Haloscan in 5 years. And if Haloscan is gone for good, can the really first rate support people please, pretty please, make the solutions a little bit simpler to understand and implement?

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