Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What non Jews say about Tropper

Here's a fascinating look at how some nonJews reacted to the sordid and disgusting tale of Leib Tropper after seeing the story in the New York Post:
Let me get this straight. This guy was telling the chick she was a darling cutie pie? And just kind of mentioned that he wanted to do some rape role-play and pass her around to his friends? That’s it? Where I’m from that’s called flirting. Like that’s a normal Friday night for me and there’s no media knocking down my door. Don’t see why the rush to judgement. I mean if the chick agrees to some gang rape fantasies with Rabbi Leib and the Satmar Guy who are we to get involved? Like at least the guy is talking a good game right. Rather have that than I don’t know a bunch of old scumbag pedophiles raping little altar boys or something like that. Then again what do I know about religion.
The sordid and disgusting collection of anti-Semite jokes on that blog's comment thread also give an interesting glimpse into the gentile mind....

Update: I didn't mean "mind" as in the gentile brain is different. I meant it in the sense of perspective, as in their perspective on us, and more specifically, their perspective on Tropper, ie, not "what a perv" but "wow, good for him" and "You call that a clergy scandal? But there are no kids involved!"

I did not mean to offend the gentiles, or to suggest their minds are identical. I also did not mean to say that the racists jokes on that thread were representative of gentile society as a whole. I deeply regret the error.

Search for more information about Tropper, and his four, count 'em four, smichas at

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