Friday, December 25, 2009

R. Malkiel and the MO Jews: Follow up

Received by email
This morning I spoke with the fellow who forwarded to me the email from R. Aharon Kotler in which R. Aharon wrote that R. Malkiel never lumped reform, conservative and MO Jews together as being people whom we have to fight. This person told me that he is on the Board of BMG and that he wrote to R. Aharon Kotler about what R. Malkiel Kotler said. This is how he received the reply that I distributed recently which denied that R. Malkiel Kotler had said negative things about MO Jews.

I told this member of the Board who the fellow was who had told me that R. Malkiel did indeed lump MO Jews with reform and conservative Jews. Shortly after davening I put the two of them together. The person who had heard R. Malkiel speak said that he had attended a small private gathering in someone's home on Shabbos. There were very few people there. Then he told us that he heard R. Malkiel not only lump MO with reform and conservative but that he added YU to the mix.

The person who heard R. Malkiel speak at this small gathering was infuriated to learn about the email message that R. Aharon Kotler sent out denying the entire thing. He told us that he was going to contact R. Aharon Kotler about this.

The person who is a member of the Board of BMG was taken aback by what he heard.

Very Important Note: The person who wrote these words is NOT (to the best of my knowledge) the person who sent me the message. The message was originally posted on one of the super-secret public bulletin board, where people too cool for blogs gather to do what we lower life forms do on blogs.

I am not a member of this board, and I am not bound by its no-sharing rule. I post this for information purposes only and make no claims as to its accuracy. Ceaveat emptor. Take it with a grain of salt. Ignore it if you choose. Its probably not true, anyway.

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