Sunday, December 06, 2009

An Invitation to Consistency

by SM

Amanda Knox has been convicted of the particularly gruesome murder of a fellow student. Knox is an American mid-Westener. The victim was from the UK. The alleged motive was a refusal to indulge in Knox's sexual games.

The DNA evidence is poor, because the Italian police didn't bag the scene for 45 days. The DNA of a man convicted at an earlier trial was in the victim's bedroom. Knox's was not. It was impossible to wipe her DNA without leaving signs. There were no such signs. On the other hand, straight after the murder Knox embraced and kissed her boyfriend and was smiling and turning cartwheels in the police station. She says it is just how she is and that she is known as 'foxy Knoxy' because she is good at soccer.

Now: who would like this bright, white, pretty all-American girl with no previous convictions, lawfully convicted by a properly convened Court to be killed? Step forward.

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