Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want to say about Tropper was said by Steve

Tropper used the power bestowed upon him by the "gedolim" to turn his Eternal Jewish Fraud organization into an escort service. There are no words that can accurately describe this piece of filth. Only a child molester could be considered a bigger lowlife and scumbag. This guy calls himself a "rabbi"? FEH! Next time you see him, spit in his face!

Of all the fraud and corruption that has been exposed in the Orthodox community, this one establishes a new low. Tropper was handed the keys to the conversion business. He was handed a virtual monopoly. His ruthless tactics were well documented. His bullying of other rabbis who performed conversions... was endorsed by these "gedolim". This story needs to be told in its entirety. The public has a right to know so that such corruption is no longer tolerated. Enough is enough! Child molesters and their enablers, pimps and their enablers, money launderers and their enablers must all be exposed once and for all. Enough apologetics, enough enabling, enough secrecy, enough sweeping under the carpet, enough Lubinsky PR spins, enough coverups, enough lies, enough favoritism for beards and hats, enough pidyon shvuyim funds for criminals, enough Agudah lobbying to protect criminals, enough [YWN] Al Jazeera style journalism, enough, enough, enough!!!

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