Friday, December 18, 2009

Facinating questions pondered by (and about) Tropper

Can an angry person be allowed to convert? What about someone who doesn't believe that the Sages of today are more than Pope-like in their infallibility? May  such heretics be welcomed into the covenant of Abraham? These are some of the questions discussed at conversion conferences led by disgraced sexual pervert Lieb Tropper, the former Rosh Yeshiva and leader of EJF.

It disturbs me greatly to learn this miserable and failed human being was erecting unnecessary barriers to Judaism and afflicting people with unprecedented stringencies. Why wasn't he reigned in? Where were his supervisors? Why didn't R Reuven Feinstein intervene when Tropper afflicted a convert by declaring her children non-Jewish after Tropper caught the woman in pants (If that's even the real story: After this week's revelations shouldn't we wonder if perhaps the woman was tossed out of Judaism because Tropper wanted to see her without her pants - and she refused?) Where was R Elya Wachtfogel when Tropper was pondering the permissibility of allowing angry people to convert? How did the system fall apart? Where was the breakdown?

And finally, if the gedolim are so god-damned infallible that one who denies this soaring truth is denied the opportunity to convert, how do these infallible gedolim continue to put monsters like Tropper into positions of power?

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