Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Makes Me Sick

A Guest Post By E. Fink

UPDATE! See Below:

Names of people and institutions have been changed to protect the guilty.

Yankel Levovitz sends his children to Yeshiva Gedolei HaDor. The Levovitzes are thriving in the Yeshiva which is a newer, more progressive and open minded place than the typical RW yeshivishe place.

Unfortunately, Yankel's financial fortunes took a turn for the worse. So Yankel sought the advice of his spiritual leader, his Rabbi. His Rabbi's background was raised Modern Orthodox, and he has now become more "Yeshivishe" right wing.

The Rabbi had some sound advice for Yankel. "Perhaps if you take your kids out of Yeshiva Gedolei HaDor and place them in (more closed-minded, old fashioned) Yeshiva Derech Hashem you will have more hatzlacha in parnassa".

Levovitz promptly takes his children out of YGH and places them in YDH save for one.

The principal of YGH is miffed so he calls a Rabbinic advisor. After all, the Levovitzes were thriving in his school and it is never good for children to change schools unnecessarily. He wants to know if he should keep the one remaining Levovitz. The Rabbi says, "You're not the type of school or Rabbi who is vengeful, just let if go. Besides, you can't really hold it against them today's Jews are all looking for voodoo Judaism. It is the malady of our generation, everyone is looking for a shortcut. The Levovitzes just got caught up in the latest voodoo fad."

The YGH principal kept the Levovitz in the school but remains miffed and incredulous.

Update! If the story seems a bit ambiguous please continue...

Bottom line summary:

Two equally frum schools, one is more open minded than the other, parent losing money was told by his rabbi to switch to the more closed minded school as a segulah for better parnassah. Bigger Rabbi than he (and almost all) called this practice Voodoo Judaism.

Search for more information about that Voodoo [Judaism] that they do at 4torah.com.

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