Sunday, December 06, 2009

Eida using goyim on Shabbos

A Guest Post by Rafi G

According to this sign, placed around RBS B, the Eida rav, Rav Rosenberger, has found a solution to the increasing levels of break-ins taking place on shabbos in the neighborhood.

They have decided to hire a security company to patrol the area on Friday night. They will use a goy to do the patrols who will be paid b'havlaa - i.e. not directly paid for his work on shabbos, but for work done during the week that will also include the Friday night patrols.

Notice that the Eida has found it acceptable to use a goy to do melacha on shabbos when it is in their interests, yet when it was proposed in the negotiations with Intel in an effort to minimize, or stop, chillul shabbos, the Eida rejected it and considered such a solution nto acceptable.

What are the Eida's true intentions and goals?

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