Sunday, July 26, 2009

What did the Rabbis Say About the Scandal?

Before shabbos, a friend told he hoped his rabbi would speak about what I've decided to call the SYNJ Scandal. He wanted to hear a strong condemnation of the Jews who were arrested last week and a denouncement of the culture that celebrates ostentatiousness and winks at crimes like fraud and money laundering.

I replied: We're more likely to hear about how the evil media is dragging the Jewish community through the mud. Sample expected quote: "Why did the (evil anti-Semitic Jew hating) New York Times put two Jews in handcuffs on the cover of Friday's paper?! Weren't there enough arrested goyim to choose from?"

Turns out I was wrong. Instead of deflecting attention from criminal rabbis by attacking the newspapers, my LOR preached against the cooperating witness. He's a moser, you see, and, apparently, snitching on another Jew is the worst thing a Jew can do, especially when all the Jewish felon did was rip off the tax man. From what the rabbi said, I gather this is also worse than tricking desperate people into selling their kidneys and taking a $100,000 profit on the deal.

Our religion is over, I tell you. Over. The internal rot runs too deep. Our morality is corrupt and twisted. The idea that Jews are to be a light unto the nations is gone and forgotten. We're grubby and selfish. We've delayed justice and withheld rightuousness. We celebrate criminals and respect frauds who charm us with their hats and segulot and lips that drip with nonsense and superstition. And when the history of this once proud religion is written, I expect the epitaph to read, "But all he did was steal from a gentile."

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